Change from using Facebook log-in to using FIBA 3x3 username

As we are evolving the FIBA 3x3 platform, we have, for the time being, disabled the use of Facebook log-in and Facebook sign-up.

Consequently, we require all users to have one FIBA 3x3 / 3x3 Planet username with a respective password, which then can be used across all FIBA 3x3 platform applications, from Event Maker to 3x3 Planet /

If you have previously used only facebook log-in

When the user signed up via Facebook, the user name is the email address the user's Facebook account is linked to. That email address is also visible in the Settings section of the 3x3 Planet app and the web site.

The password for that username can be reset with the Forgot Password function, available at the log-in of both the app and the web site.

If you have any problems, do not hesitate to contact If the instruction above, for one reason or another, doesn't work, we have many other tricks up our sleeve to help you in a way that no competition history is lost.

The FIBA 3x3 Digital Team can be reached with this form