How can I change players in our team?

If you, as a team captain, for any reason - email sent to wrong email, somebody forgot to confirm, a player got injured - need to change your team roster, you can do it until the organiser has frozen the schedule.

The changes can be done by logging into your profile either via the web site or via the mobile app.

On the web site:

  1. click My Profile on the account bar
  2. expand the event you want to edit
  3. click Change


In case you want to invite a player who is not yet registered to and does not have email at their disposal, you can use invitation codes but it is not necessary.

In the app, you'll find the equivalent steps under the Profile tab.

Now, if the changes with self-registration for some reason fail, you can always get in touch with the organiser directly for any info concerning the event or updating/changing any info about your team. They will be able to make changes manually via the Event Maker admin interface. You can find your event organiser's contact details directly on the event's 3x3planet page in the Organiser Tab (click Contact Organiser button to see the email).