When was the Windows version of the Event Maker discontinued?

On June 20th 2016, many functionalities from the Windows Event Maker were disabled, such as creating new events, creating schedules, entering results and managing teams.

This was done to facilitate transition to the new Online web-based version of the Event Maker that enables building 3x3 events from any web browser (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Explorer, etc ) and from any devices (Mac or PC). The new Online Event Maker is available at http://em.3x3planet.com/. You can log in with your normal 3x3Planet account and related username and password.

In special cases, FIBA 3x3 Digital Team may grant an organiser a special permission to use the old Windows-based Event Maker. However, the ever-evolving new features of the Event Maker platform will not be released and eventually soon the whole Windows version will be discontinued. Therefore organisers are advised to train their staff on the new online Event Maker.