How to use

What is used for?

With an event organizer can manage scorekeeping for the events created with 3x3 Event Maker. The web app is specifically optimized for the browsers of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. So there is no need carry the computer around from court to another, or to have messengers relaying scores on a piece of paper.

Three different modes

The game results can be entered into either via the final score mode or via the play-by-play live scoring mode. The data entered is synced real-time to the Event Maker system and its connected applications (such as the Event Maker running on the Web)

Additionally, offers a Scoreboard mode. For example, a mobile phone or a tablet running it can be connected to an external screen and used as an ad hoc scoreboard. The background color can be selected to be black or white by clicking 'Invert colors' button.


Linking the event and the app with Event Scoring Code

The event created and the instance of being used for scoring must be linked together with a so-called Event Scoring Code

The organizer can set up the Event Scoring mode both in the Windows-version of the Event Maker and the Web-version from the Event Maker in the results tab (see screenshots), once the schedule is made available.

The Event Scoring Code can be any string of characters and will be unique to the event.


Installing the app

The 'app' is actually an interactive web page running inside the device/computer. So there is no need to download it anywhere. The app can be run from any browser by just typing the web address to the browser address bar. Further, like any web page, it can be bookmarked, added to the home screen and so on.

Finding the right event

Anyone knowing the Event Scoring Code can log in and start entering results via any browser on any device. Hence, it is advisable to share the code only with the people trusted to enter results. If there are any problems with the code, the organiser can always reset the code via the Event Maker.


Entering the Event Scoring Code exposes to people all the games of the Event.

Alternatively, clicking the Scores button in the web-version of the Event Maker takes you directly to the scoring page of that particular event. Just copy & paste the web address and send it via email, Whatsapp, text message and people can log in to the right event directly.

Selecting the right game to score

Multiple people can log in with the same code to manage scores of the same event. The scorekeepers select the game they are tasked to manage by clicking "Jump in"


Using live score mode

The live score mode works both when using touch screens or a mouse. A normal click is a one-pointer and a long-press is a two-pointer


The Undo button deletes the previous action. So with that one can 'roll back' to eliminate any mistakes in scoring.

Adjusting the clock manually

Any time the clock is not running, clicking it once exposes a menu to set any fixed time manually. This is an easy way to correct time-keeping errors as well as set other game durations than 10 minutes.

Using scoreboard simultaneously

It is also possible to have, for example, one instance of running for keeping score and another instance running as a scoreboard.


Using the scoreboard mode in full screen makes it look great on external displays.

Connectivity requirements requires a persistent internet connection, but it is a very lightweight application, designed to work on standard commercial mobile phone networks. It is designed to be off-line tolerant. That means that scorekeeping can continue even when the device goes offline, but naturally the scores are synced to the other devices only when the device is back online.