Changelog - Event Maker (Web version)


  • New workflow established to make events official - see To-Do tab for more information
  • Information labels added to explain status of event (validated, official)
  • Minor bugfixing and general improvements


  • Mass edit of team rosters inside an event that allows organisers to simply adjust the rosters of all teams from a single category at once
  • Updated localisation (mainly for russian)
  • Minor bugfixing and perfomance improvements


  • To-Do Tab added to events to guide organisers on what data they should enter next.
  • Minor bugfixing and perfomance improvements


  • Parent-Child Organiser relationships can no be established via OEM allowing a parent organiser to see all events of the related child organisers.
  • Standings (Pool & Final) are now shown directly in the results tab
  • Minor bugfixing and perfomance improvements


  • Bugfixing to organiser management related parts of OnlineEventMaker
  • Localisation updated
  • Usermenue updated to provide cleaner look & feel


  • Improvered handling for previously scored games in the scheduler


  • Fix a bug with the overlap feature that was using deleted schedules in its computation, leading to incorrect resets during division setup updates


  • Improve responsivity of the header / button bar
  • Remove unnecessary KO tree animation on category change and when a reset prompt is displayed
  • Fixed a case where the loser bracket configuration was invalid but user could still click the "apply" button
  • The user can now correctly drag and scroll on the timeline (previously the drop zone was above mouse position)


  • New formats available for scheduling (L32-17, (L32-19)-(L32-25), L32-31)
  • Minor bugfixes for scheduling


  • New feature: Amount of teams progressing for pools + KO format. In a division setup, you can now set an arbitrary amount of teams progressing from the pools to the KO games. Errors and warnings have been added when the user tries to create an impossible or unusual format using this setting.
  • When the user tries to close the app without having saved changes made to the event, a new modal asks for confirmation before losing the modifications.


  • Use snake seeding to determine pool sizes (this change doesn't affect pools that have been previously configured)


  • Added drag & drop assist for progression illogicalities for scheduling
  • Several minor improvements to scheduling view


  • Ability to undo single game drags in scheduling


  • Improved checks related to Windows Event Maker usage during startup of the scheduling tool


  • Ability to schedule event activities (e.g. dunk contests and lunch breaks)


  • Add new L16-6 format
  • Add support for full losers brackets (up to 31st place)


  • Improved checks during startup of scheduling tool
  • Added new L32-8 Top 4 advancing (pool pairs) format


  • Updated QF-3 KO format
  • Several internal changes to the schedules view
  • Automatic timezone update on location or event date changes


  • Added a new L16-3 KO format
  • Classification games are now listed in their correct order in the scheduling view


  • When 3rd place games are scheduled, they now default to a match between SF losers (you can still customize them further if needed)
  • Added warnings for generating schedules with too few teams to fill the selected KO bracket
  • Added warnings for generating schedules with unscheduled games
  • Several minor improvements to scheduling view
  • Excel exports done will now ignore elements per page setting and group them according to the selected settings


  • Fix incorrectly configured KO formats (L32-6 and L64-20)


  • Fix incorrectly configured KO format (L8-7)


  • Removed warnings related to combined usage for unscheduled events


  • New KO format available (L64-35)


  • Extended classification games (3rd-9th place games) are now available for scheduling
  • You can now create custom team pairings for classification games (from main KO bracket losers, pool winners, and pool bests)
  • Updated KO formats (QF-2 and QF-3)
  • Several minor improvements to scheduling view


  • Enable switching the visible time range when scheduling games.


  • Fixed incorrectly configured KO format (L32-16)


  • Scheduling view now clearly indicates when scores and/or seeding will be reset
  • New KO formats available (L16-6)
  • Several minor bugfixes to scheduling view (including Seeding-tab layout issue on Safari)


  • Improved error reporting when saving schedules
  • Schedule save button is now disabled when saving is not allowed (e.g. when there's unapplied category changes)
  • New KO formats available (L32-23)
  • Minor bugfixes in scheduling


  • Category registration settings can now be edited


  • Several minor bugfixes and performance improvements
  • Play-By-Play report integrated to show scouted actions


  • Updated KO formats (L16-19, L16-7 and L64-19)


  • Several minor bugfixes and performance improvements
  • Schedules are now saved individually (per category), reducing the risk of partially saved schedules


  • Several minor bugfixes and performance improvements
  • Several new KO formats made available
  • Minor bugfixes and improvements to the scheduling view
  • Added "Add existing team" functionality to re-add teams that have already played in another event


  • Several new KO formats available, including L32 and L64 up to 24 pools
  • 3rd place games can now be scheduled, both after pool play and for Single Elimination setups
  • Scheduling view now supports ranged selections when holding down the Shift key while clicking on games and teams


  • Bugfixing and general improvements
  • Schedule Matrix export as new report added
  • Localisation updated


  • Bugfixing and general improvements
  • Scheduling view performance improved significantly for larger brackets (e.g. L128)
  • Category ordering in the scheduling view now matches that of the rest of the Event Maker
  • Added KO formats to scheduling (additional QF/4 pools format, and first L32/8 pools one)
  • "Final game" is now called "Final game 1" in the scheduling view, for consistency with other games
  • Several minor improvements and bugfixes in the scheduling view


  • Bugfixing and general improvements
  • Category scheduling view now has an optional "summary" panel, which displays things like total game counts and total playtime
  • Category selection dropdown in the scheduling view now indicates how many unscheduled games/unassigned teams there are in each category
  • Minor bugfixes in scheduling view


  • Bugfixing and general improvements
  • Single Elimination brackets are now available in the scheduling view
  • Maximum KO bracket size is now L128
  • Court order in the scheduling view now matches that of the rest of the EventMaker
  • Several minor improvements to the scheduling view


  • Bugfixing and general improvements
  • Tour-Stop management improved
  • Tour-Category management possible


  • Bugfixing and general improvements
  • Improved logic for upcoming Betting-Support
  • Adjusted currency display


  • Bugfixing and general improvements
  • Add animations to KO bracket preview in schedule setup
  • Simplify navigation between the scheduling views
  • Minor scheduling bugfixes related to KO progression formats


  • Bugfixing and general improvements
  • Category configuration view in scheduling now shows a live KO bracket preview
  • Added 8-pool L16 KO format to scheduling


  • Moved category settings to their own tab in the scheduling view
  • Maximum schedulable KO bracket is now L16


  • Bugfixing and general improvements
  • Necessary adjustments under the hood for betting purpose
  • Maximum schedulable game length increased to 60 minutes
  • Allow changing lengths of individual games
  • Layout improvements for very short games in the scheduling timeline
  • Overlapping games are now automatically corrected in schedules


  • Default game length adjustable in event scheduling


  • Bugfixing and general improvements
  • Minor scheduling bugfixes related to game length adjustments and KO progression formats


  • Bugfixing and general improvements
  • Survey management for FIBA Users
  • Survey handling to allow users improving EventMaker
  • Localisation updated


  • Bugfixing and general improvements
  • Scheduler functionality available to all users
  • Staff management available (Add & Remove staff to/from your organiser
  • Localisation updated


  • Bugfixing and general improvements
  • Adjusted event info / overview to provide more data configured by the organiser
  • Remove beta key requirement from scheduling functionality
  • Fix schedule save timeout errors on large events
  • Add warning about scheduling with both Online and Windows Event Maker at the same time


  • Bugfixing and general improvements
  • Added proper city / location handling when google maps is not reachable (e.g. from China)


  • Bugfixing and general improvements
  • Updated localized content


  • Bugfixing and general improvements


  • Bugfixing and general improvements
  • Overviews adjusted to split tour & standalone events
  • Tour management improved (add and remove stops, specific tour overview)
  • Added new filtering UI for team page


  • Bugfixing and general improvements
  • Team forfeit functionality implemented
  • Support letter generation implemented


  • Bugfixing and general improvements
  • Team checkin functionality implemented
  • Contact formular implemented to contact support staff


  • Bugfixing and general improvements
  • Payment management (organiser based)
  • Amount of registered players shown in event overview


  • Bugfixing and general improvements
  • Added proper simple scoresheet report
  • Added initial individual player tour statistics report


  • Bugfixing and general improvements
  • Added initial user-settings storage allowing storage of preferred settings
  • Added initial event based contact details


  • Bugfixing and general improvements
  • Double click on team, category or court item will now open the related edit functionality
  • Instant sync to scores-app once event scoring code configured / changed
  • Upload custom terms & conditions for events enabled


  • Bugfixing and general improvements
  • Added ranking points based filter on team tab
  • Added ranking points based sorting for player- and team-reports
  • Splitted player count on organiser information to provide distinct player count and players at events count


  • Bugfixing and general improvements
  • Fallback solution in case Google API's are not available (e.g. from China)
  • Case- & Accent-Insensitive player search
  • Footer added


  • Bugfixing and general improvements
  • Wizard to enter player based game statistics


Initial release notes:

What's new in the web version compared to the Event Maker (Windows version)?

  • Localization
  • Customizable reports
  • Gamestatistic reports
  • Staff management view
  • Scoring App (usable also directly via

What works in the web version like in the EventMaker (Windows version)?

  • Login
  • Event create, edit, delete
  • Organiser create, edit, delete
  • Tour create
  • Category create, edit, delete
  • Court create, edit, delete
  • Team create, edit, delete
  • Result edit
  • Validate event
  • Event based reports

What does not work in the web version like in the EventMaker (Windows version)?

  • Scheduling
  • Custom terms and condition upload

New planned functionalities missing

  • Only English, French and Finnish are translated